Don’t wait for snow and ice to arrive before winterizing your vehicle. Make sure both you and your vehicle are ready to hit the road safely during inclement weather.

Most likely the tires you have on your vehicle are all-seasons and are fine for every weather condition. But for the best driving results on winter roads, you might want to consider switching to winter tires. These types of tires have deeper treads which help reduce snow buildup and expel water, while allowing the tires to get better traction.

You can also winterize your vehicle by:

    • Checking windshield washer fluid and windshield wipers
    • Checking tire pressure
    • Testing your battery

Another way to prepare for a snowy ride is by having an emergency kit in your vehicle. Among the items you should include are:

    • Blankets
    • Flashlight and batteries
    • First-aid kit
    • Flares/roadside visibility
    • Ice scraper/snow brush
    • De-icer
    • Jumper cables
    • Water and energy bar


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